Saturday, October 2, 2010

Exploring the Big Bend

Having a friend visit is always a good reason to go exploring Big Bend. This last Summer, I traveled through a half dozen National parks, including Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, and Glacier National Park, and I must say that Big Bend holds its own when compared to these more well known parks. Big Bend is the least visited National Park in the country, but has the highest percentage of return visitors. Those who make it all the way here, come back for more. The last few days, I did a lot of hiking, including 14 miles in the Chisos within 24 hours. The 14 miles included my first venture up Emory Peak, the highest summit in the Big Bend. Here are some photos:

a glimpse into the window

the window in Big Bend

On the Window trail

Casa Grande in The Chisos

The Emory Peak trail was full of Butterflies
The top of Texas (Emory Peak)

iPhone app confirms that yes, we're high up there
The new improved Emory Peak Trail

The famous but sparsely traveled River Road
The River Road is as green as Ireland after the summer rains

Closed Canyon
Closed Canyon Reflection

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chad said...

Thanks for being a great tour guide. You're right, one trip isn't enough. I'll be back soon!