Saturday, December 26, 2009


I woke up this morning to 25 degrees, but I was wrapped warmly in my sleeping bag. There were some fragile ice crystals on my red wagon. Just to breathe on them erases them from existence. They quickly retreated with the emergence of the sun.

Just like last year, Santa came by to give me some candy. He told me that I was good enough. I don't think that he is as strict this far south.

Yesterday, my friend and local musician Jim Keaveny came by to lend me a hand with some shelves, furthering the spacial potential of this 120 square foot...cabin. I spent today organizing and adding a few more shelves.

It is nice to finally have complete protection from the wind and a door that I can open and close. This little shed, though not insulated, still manages to retain some of the heat from my little propane heater. It is probably due to the thermal mass created from all my belongings being crammed into a small space.

My one battery in my battery bank is almost dead. I can only use my computer when there is full sun, as my power is pretty much coming right off the panels, with the dead battery merely acting as a conduit. My one battery worked great for two years, but it is time to deposit a couple new batteries into the bank. My friend Ryan, the solar guy out here, tells me that the more batteries in the bank, the longer they all last, because they are all sharing the labor. Makes sense.