Friday, May 13, 2011


Ruby's alter ego, "Pearl" this morning in front of the Speedtrap in Palmer Lake. 
The first precipitation I have seen in over 7 months is in the form of snow. Last week in Terlingua it was 105 degrees. And 800 miles North it is snowing. It's incredible what a little distance and elevation can do.

Last night was my 2nd post flu show and it seems that my full vocal range is back, with a slight Tom Waits effect, which is fun for now.
Kinfolks Mountain Shop and Bar in Manitou, CO.
After two days off from canceled shows, a friend of a friend , Conor Bourgal of the Changing Colors, booked me a last minute show at Kinfolks in Manitou. As the first show after being sick,  I considered it a warm up for the busy schedule ahead. It was a nice evening with nice people in a nice place.
Manitou, Colorado
Ruby's snowlar panel

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