Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colorado & Isakov

I've been hanging out with my friend and songwriter, Gregory Alan Isakov for a few days. Out of anyone I know, we have the most parallel lives. Besides being a jewish South African born songwriter, we have also been vegetarian for about the same length of time (over 15 years). And we also have some uncanny details in common, such a the fact that we both have broken speedometers and position our gps devices on our dashboard so that we know how fast we are going. I convinced him last minute to play a show with me at the Jamestown Mercantile. It was a much smaller venue then he usually plays in Colorado, but this tiny mountain community  houses some avid fans of his and when word got out, there was a nice turnout.

A couple of nights later, he played an 800 seater in Colorado Springs. Gregory leaves for his first European tour next week.

Driving around Colorado doesn't seem like work. Ruby has found a good rhythm through the Mountain passes. 
Plenty of fresh snow for the month of May.

Rocky Mountains

It has been about a week since there has been a sunny day. I have tethered the spare battery that runs the refrigerator to the car battery so that when the car is running, it will replenish the lost energy strorage without the dependence on sunshine entirely. Since I have left Texas, the fridge has remained in the 30s. No ice!

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