Thursday, May 5, 2011


This is Eliphante. Perhaps the most unique space I have ever performed in. 

The chapel of Eliphante. 

Detail of the glasswork
Gracious hosts and caretakers of Eliphante, Tracy and Ryan
And their pet goat

Entrance to Eliphante
Hand carved Kitchen
Solar bath house
Every room has a piano of some sort. And the same cat who follows you from room to room and poses for pictures.

Another view of the chapel of salvaged glass, wood, and rock that I performed in last night. A good crew of friends and friends of friends crowded in. When I sang "Bad Bad Bad", the goat even chimed in.


frann said...!

Alan Reichman said...

it is a unique chapel in eliphante.
have fun.

commoncents said...

HA HA! Glad I found your blog... keep up the great work!

Common Cents

dan said...

wow!!!!!!!! this place is in my Bible( Lloyd Khan's Homework) im back in town by the way......let me know when you're rested and free.....