Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Visitors

Pretzel Cigars
Michelle's Kitchen

My new friends Michelle and Jim, from Canada, have taken over the place...  cooking nutritious meals, helping with the building, and driving us all to Mexico to stock up with groceries. Jim and Michelle are a very enlightening duo. They travel for most of the year and garden at their off grid Canadian home for the remainder.  They are also avid sailors and are currently planning a year long expedition. And they do this all on $12,000 a year, combined. Even while on the road, they cook almost all of their meals, and practice grocery management without a refrigerator. They were here to witness the only sign of spring on my property. The plum tree that I planted last fall, the one I have been giving all of my grey water to, is flowering.

Flowering Plum Tree
This picture is from a year ago.
This year, NONE.
Friends, Kevin and Mark, gave a cob building workshop at the farmer's market this weekend. It got dirty.


velacreations said...

Hey Trevor,
We've seen the bluebonnets bloom a little late on the ranch before, but if there still aren't any on the river road or by the bank (usually the first of the area), I guess the cold got them. Here, all the HUGE prickly pears got wiped out by the cold. The limp, discolored corpses look so sad.

frann said...

I wanted to go to the Cob workshop and forgot all about it. I was busy chasing blowing things and got sidetracked. You do have some good guests and your dome looks great.

Wayne said...

Heh Trevor,

Well you guys look like you are just having to much fun. Thanks to a few answers you sent me along with others in the area to my questions we are now proud owners on Terlingua ranch. Hope to catch up with you sometime in October if all goes well. Keep on plugging away the Dome is really starting to take shape!

trevor.reichman said...

Hopefully we'll see some bluebonnets this month. Maybe they'll pop up there in Mexico instead. Or maybe even a baby boy ;)

The cob workshop was fun. I'm sure there will be more.

No problem, Wayne. Glad to be neighbors.