Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I skipped the summer in Terlingua this year and have been traveling instead. Highlights include the Kerrville Folk Festival and almost a month long visit to my former state of Oregon.  

Here are a couple of photo albums from Oregon:



The heat seems to be following me everywhere I go, even reaching an

 all time high in Portland of 108 degrees. I find that the heat is easier to take in the desert, because it is dryer and my body is not constantly trying to regulate between air conditioned buildings and an outside temperature that really isn't much higher than body temperature. Our bodies have an amazing ability to cool themselves off when given the chance. 

Next month I'll be visiting Israel for the first time. I have some cousins there who I have never met. I will also be visiting Kibbutz Lotan, a community living in strawbale adobe domes and practicing permaculture. 

I'll be back in Terlingua in October to play shows and work on the building.

Things have been going very well musically, which is one of the main reasons I left the 40 hour work week in the city and fled to the desert. Here is a picture from the Kerrville Folk Festival of the 3 Trevors (Myself, Trevor Smith, and Trevor Mills):


TechnoBabe said...

You are fortunate to be able to travel to such interesting places. I enjoy reading your blog. My hubby plays guitar and I love to hear him play.

MsBelinda said...

Thanks for the update. I check your blog frequently and was wondering where you were.

Have a great trip to Israel.