Sunday, May 17, 2009


Don's 1st cousin, Ludelle, and two of her daughters, made the trek down here from Abilene to visit Don this weekend. After trying to locate Don for quite some time, they stumbled upon this blog during an internet search and contacted me a few weeks ago. It had been about 20 years since they had seen each other last. I can tell that they were related to Don, because they all had that same genuine compassion for those around them. We gave them the abbreviated tour of Terlingua and the more in depth tour of Domeland. I think that they were all quite impressed with Don's achievements and the word is that they will be back again in a month. 

Here is Don explaining how his jig creates a template, which when assembled, provides the frame for the dome. The dome in the background is about 1000 square feet on the inside.   
Don talking geometry with Ludell's daughter, Janet. 


Ginger said...

Lovely story! I'm glad Don is well after the spider bite. You are a good friend to him. Your blog is great and I enjoy reading about your life on and around Terlingua Ranch.

HermitJim said...

What a wonderful reunion! I, along with Ginger, am glasd that Don is ok after the spider bite. I started reading your blog at the suggestion of Ginger, since I am planning a move to my land on the Terlingua Ranch very soon.

If you don't mind me asking, what type of floor are you putting in your dome. I couldn't find a post regarding it .

Keep up the good work! We are enjoying it!

trevor.reichman said...

i am planning on a poured adobe floor. a couple of my neighbors have gone that route with great success...and it is free.

MsBelinda said...

I used to read your other blog where you were documenting the early building progress but all of a sudden it disappeared. This week I found a link on West Texas Weekly and once again found you.

I really enjoyed reading all you have done lately, specially the dream sequence that rocked!!!

It was so nice that Don's cousin was able to get in contact with him thanks to your blog.

You mention that all you paid was $10.00 to have your phone connected is that a one time charge or do they add that in addition to your regular monthly bill? Just wondering...

Hope to one day be your neighbor.

trevor.reichman said...

Sorry about that. I changed the URL awhile back. I think I lost a few folks when I did that.

The $10 phone installation fee was a one time charge.

Thanks for writing!

Silla said...

My grandparents were neighbors of don, i met him a long time ago and also got a tour of his work. i am also glad to hear he is doing well. i was searching for some photos of terlingua and came across this blog. very interesting. i dont live there, but some family is there,and so is my heart. i love that place.

Mariamoss said...

Hi Trevor; I pick guitar with Jon Hogan. Heard you play tonight at JP Hops House--very fine writing. Alas, we lost your card at Hops. We'd like to email you some thoughts on open mic/local gigs. Maybe have you over to pick some songs?

Maria Moss

TexasMan said...

I have been fascinated with dome homes (light weight concrete, adobe) since I visited my friend, Steve Kornher of Flying Concrete in Mexico. He rather builds connecting barrel vaults.

Has your friend Don don and ebook? At 82 I don't think so but who knows. Does he consult for a fee or train for a fee?

Herb Clark,