Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Domes in Israel

The Big Bend area in West Texas is very similar in terrain to parts of Israel. This picture shows a dome neighborhood being built by the Lotan Kibbutz in Israel. They offer a ten week Green Apprenticeship workshop in the fall and the Spring. I haven't done it myself, but it seems like a great program.


Anonymous said...


I became such a fan of Abe and Josie through their website that I was a forum administrator for the Chispito project for about 9 months. Had a chance to finally meet them in person in February at Estrella Vista - sorry they've moved on to Mexico. I recently sold my property in upstate NY and am heading back to the area in October to hunt down my own little patch of desert to terraform. Where on the ranch are you located? My email is
Cheers! john wells aka .giZmo.

trevor.reichman said...

Hi John,

Yea, it is easy to become fans of Abe and Josie. They really have broken alot of ground. My property is about 3 miles on from hwy 118 in Terlingua Ranch. Looking forward to meeting you.