Friday, May 11, 2007

I've Got Power ! And the best kind...

With three 15 watt solar panels, one 12 volt deep cycle battery, and a small inverter, I was able to power my satellite radio ( two channels of NPR all day ) for hours, charge my laptop, phone and camera, and still have enough power stored in the battery to run the radio and a flourescent light after dark for hours. The total cost for this setup was just over $300. After a few years, I will have to change the battery, but that's it. The system is easily expandable to accomodate future energy needs.

This unit was recommended by Abe and Josie ( of Vela Creations ) as a good basic starter unit. It can be found at Harbor Freight hardware.


Anonymous said...

Trevor .... very impressive. You are meeting the challenge. Good luck!! Richard

--m said...

These kits are really handy, and are recommended by many different solar gurus I've hit up for info.

One thing you might wanna do is seal the frames with some silicone, and you'll find that the charge controller sucks. But even then, it's an excellent kit for the value, especially as it often goes on sale.

I have one kit still in the box, and plan to buy at least two more for use in my cob cottage.

Nice blog!