Thursday, May 10, 2007

Adobe Bricks

Yesterday, Don taught me how to make adobe bricks. Adobe is all over this area. Don says that we're all VERY lucky because adobe is all over the planet.
the first step is to sift the adobe to separate the adobe dirt from the surrounding rock and other debris. We used a simple home made filter made from lath and 1/4 inch rebar.

This step leaves us with fine gold adobe sand.

The formula that we used for making for making adobe brick is :

8 parts adobe
1 part cement
add water until desired texture

The rest is the same as for the gravel bricks ( see earlier post ). There is something about working with adobe that seems very intuitive. Don seems to think that it's genetic memory.

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angleARC design build architecture said...

I am building out on hermans peak road, and was interested in casting some bricks like yours. How can you tell what is adobe sand. Enjoyed reading your blog.