Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's time to wrap up things for now and head to the Kerrville Folk Festival in Central Texas. We'll continue where we left off with the dome in the Fall, when friends from Oregon will be lending a hand. There is less than a month's work left before the dome is a home. I'll continue to write here, as I still have alot of photos and notes to sort through.


Geri said...

Hey, Don Bryant is ALIVE! My mom, Carol Smith, called me this morning with an internet task. She's afraid of the web and consequently enlists me to do her internet chores. Today's task was simply put, "We've been trying to call Don for a long time and everytime we try it just rings and rings. I'm worried he died. Can you go online and see if you can find an obituary or something?" Happily, I found this blog with evidence that our longtime family friend, Donald R Bryant, is alive and well--and still building dome homes. When I was a kid we bought 10 acres from Don. I used to climb all over an old re-bar dome home frame that was out in the field. My dad was always going to build a dome home with Don but never actually did it. When you see Don, tell him that Ted and Carol Smith are trying to get a hold of him--if he can stop playing out in the field long enough to come in and pick up the phone. :) It was nice to call mom and tell her that Don's alive.

Alan Reichman said...

The solar Rover is very interesting....maybe when it's perfected we can use it in Houston!
I will speak to you soon, Trev.
Enjoy the Kerrville music show
Love, Dad

trevor.reichman said...

Hi Geri,

Yes, Don is alive and well, especially for an 82 year old.

The best way to get hold of Don is by telegram, probably.

He has a phone line, but only plugs in his phone when making outgoing calls. The best chance you have of reaching him by phone is at dusk, when he makes his phone calls.

I'll pass on the message that you say hello.

Take care.

Anonymous said...


This is fantastic! Great pictures. Ezra loves the Rover and your cool dome. He thinks you're a superhero of sorts. And you are. We'll keep checking in.

Elise, Dan, Ezra and Sivan

Geri said...

Thanks, Trevor. I'll pass that info to my mom. She's so happy he is alive and well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Trev
Your BLOG is AMAZING!! Speak with you soon
Dani, Josh , Mart and Aaron say hi and send love