Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Philadelphia, Jersey Shore, and the Milkboy

Jersey Shore
I reunited with about 20 of my South African cousins in Philadelphia. From when we grew up in Johannesburg together to present day, we went from visiting each other every few days to seeing each other every few years. The addition of a last minute show at the Milkboy in Philadelphia was mostly an excuse for a stop in Philly for a little reunion. The Milkboy is a cool little joint in the suburbs, but it is also one of those venues that feels it's being generous by giving a performer one free beverage and letting them put out a tip jar. Almost the entire audience were relatives of mine, which makes a tip jar somewhat awkward, but I've learned to adjust to many different situations and be flexible.

The Milkboy in Bryn Mawr


My cousins were very hospitable and besides giving me my own basement apartment for a couple of days, they also included me in their Father's Day outing to the beach. The last time I saw the Ocean was in Israel almost two years ago, so this was a real treat. I went body surfing with my 12 year old cousin Aaron after running a few miles on the beach with his mom, Lynn, my first cousin. The day ended with a great meal at a restaurant called Harmony, and satisfied all of the various dietary restrictions in our group: vegetarian, gluten free, and kosher.
Some of my Philly Phamily
Dani + Aaron = Daaron

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