Tuesday, June 28, 2011


photo by Stephany Yantorn
After being denied entry into Canada, which I'll expand on in the next post, I find myself back in NYC. I am at Penn Station waiting for my final train in about 4 hours. Sleeping is not allowed in Penn Station but using the internet is. And so, I'll take this time to share s photo journal of the past week.

Bicycles lanes leading the way to the lawmakers in D.C.
DeeDee's farmhouse in Rhode Island
3 little pigs

Jessica and DeeDee at the show in Providence

Cliche NYC photo of Times Square
Museum of folk art - one of three gigs in NYC
The seating for the concert at the Museum of folk art in NYC.
A nice listening crowd turned out for the show. 
Jamming with Pickled in D.C.
NY Photographer and friend, Stephany Yantorn

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