Monday, December 13, 2010

Nuclear Catchment

solar reflection and digestion
Yesterday, I tagged along with my friends to a neighbor who is selling solar panels. Good quality solar panels, not the junky (though usable)  Harbor Freight panels that I currently have two sets of. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase a high quality panel at almost wholesale prices. And when I installed it today, I almost doubled my energy. I can now harvest 170 watts of solar power every hour, enough to run multiple computers, lights, radio, power tools, and even a refrigerator. 

The weakest part of my system now is my battery bank. I have two decent deep cycle batteries. Good for now, but not enough to maximize storage of all of the energy that is now available. I may want to save all this sunshine for a rainy day.  

One of the great things about a solar system is that you can add on incrementally, as you feel that you need more power, and as you can afford it. It is a marvelous investment with guaranteed dividends. 


fallerya said...

Nice colors. Yay more power.

Abby said...

Cool! Can you say who's selling and how much?

trevor.reichman said...

A guy named Ron, who just started building out here. He sells panels for about $2.75 per watt. If you are interested, message me and I can find out his info for you.

Anonymous said...

You can get quality panels for $1.85/watt at

trevor.reichman said...

Looks like some great prices there at Have you used them before? I'm guessing that it'll cost me about the same per watt once I factor in the shipping costs.