Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moving Poo and Surprise Visitors

Mark and Shannon
I was ready this morning for friends Mark and Shannon to come by to gather goat manure from Don's Domeland for the Community garden in Terlingua. What I wasn't expecting was an early arrival and surprise visit from...
 long lost neighbors Keleigh and Thomas, with daughter Mattie in tow. They have been promising a return for two years now!
Zbenik, Mark, Shannon, Keleigh, Mattie, Thomas, Bones, and ?
We then all went to Jim and Anna's house in the works, and the Ballroom Brothers were reunited...
The Ballroom Brothers
It didn't take long for us to load up a truck load of poo (kid friendly way of saying that) and make a lot of poo jokes in the process. We then sat in the sun back at Earth Language and drank some hand ground Big Bend Coffee, and ate some of Shannon's homemade bread and jam.
UPS delivery
UPS then drove up in a huge truck to deliver a little light switch after separated my one big order into many little orders to expedite delivery time. I would have been happy to wait for the one big order if they had asked.


lauren said...

they do ask, or at least they asked me

trevor.reichman said...

I don't remember that being an option but maybe it was something I clicked without reading. Nonetheless, it is always exciting to see the UPS truck speed down the dirt roads here.