Friday, November 19, 2010

Touring locally in December

Some gig opportunities have finally panned out around my region and just in the nick of time, financially speaking that is.  While music venues in large cities or saturated music scenes book many months in advance, out here it is the opposite. The venues, (restaurants, hotels, bars) book their music only when they know for certain that they will have high occupancy, and it is not uncommon to be booked for a gig the day of the show. It's like being on call and re-applying for my job every day.

The logistics behind each gig is a full time job if I count the promotional aspect of it (designing and printing flyers), and being my own roadie, sound guy, and merch person. I also have to write and practice the songs when there is time left over. I'm not complaining. I'm just letting you know why I'm not finished with my building yet. And if I wasn't doing all of the work to sustain my own creative endeavors, I'd be putting in all that work into someone else's.

My music calendar for the rest of the year has shaped up fairly well. I will be performing every Friday in December at the Chisos Mountain Lodge in Big Bend National Park, one of my favorite gigs. The Starlight Theater is open again and I will be playing several shows there, as well as the Gage Hotel in Marathon.

One of the great things about performing music in a tourist location is that it is like being on tour, playing to different people from all over the world each night, but instead of having to drive or fly long distances, I can stay in one spot while the audience does the traveling. I also don't have to space out my shows months apart to avoid the locals getting tired of my music. 

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