Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Terlingua House Concert with Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson
There have been many conversations recently about setting up a house concert in Terlingua, and we finally did. Thanks to the Hunnicut family (Greg and Stephanie) for hosting us in a fantastic desert setting. I would say that the first house concert was a success.

House Concert @ 248
It was a starry, and chilly night with a healthy campfire, good company, and fans of music who usually don't make it out to the smoky bars. Yes, smoking is still allowed in restaurants and bars in Terlingua. While that is the attraction for some, a 3 or 4 hour gig can really take a toll on a folk singer who's lungs and eyes aren't used to the indoor pollution for an extended amount of time in rooms without good ventilation. 

My friend Jack Wilson, who recently moved to Austin, TX from Seattle, WA joined me for 2 sets in the small desert amphitheater. It felt good. It also felt chilly and so we bolted after the show and headed for the hot springs in the national park. 

The following night, we had a fun show at the historical Gage hotel in Marathon, TX.

Greg recorded the audio from the show. Here are a couple of tracks:

Out of Bed from Greg Hunnicutt on Vimeo.

Dirt and Stone from Greg Hunnicutt on Vimeo.

And a video of Jack practicing a new song:


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