Monday, November 19, 2007

The Grasslands

Just north of Terlingua ( Alpine, Marfa, Ft. Davis, etc ), there are a few more inches of rainfall each year. Lots of grass grows there naturally...over 50 kinds. Trees dot the area, and there are groves in parts. Due to the many days of sunshine and mild climate, there is a huge potential when water catchment is used for gardens and tree planting.


Georgie said...

Hey Trevor,

I've been listening to your cd since I left Texas; so glad you were able to find one for me in your car. I'm looking forward to following your adventures in the desert thru your blog.

Keep in touch!

trevor.reichman said...

Hey Georgie,

Glad you like the CD. I'll be working on a new one soon. Have you started on your solar shower yet up there in Canada ?

Georgie Donais said...

No solar shower for me in this weather. I noticed that you and your family were wearing winter coats Thanksgiving weekend. I guess winter is still winter where you are, somewhat? As in, not summer? I'm planning a trip down your way next year, so am trying to get a feel for the weather.