Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another neighborhood dome

I met another neighbor today who is also building a dome. This one is pre-fabricated...including the windows. What is it with West Texas and domes ? Who'd a thunk ?

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Julianne said...

Pre-fabricated? Well, I guess, sort of. I designed it myself, using Excel to calculate the lengths of the three different sizes of struts. The appropriate number of each size of strut were cut from 1/2 inch diameter black iron water pipe. 1/2 inch re-bar was then used to construct 6-way, 5-way and 4-way connectors. The re-bar slides into the pipe pieces about 8 inches deep. The re-bar connectors and black iron pipe pieces were transported from Georgia to my Big Bend property and assembled on-site where the pipes were welded to the connectors. Jacks were used to raise the dome on each side to put in the rock "foundation". The windows are from an old school bus. I'm hoping to get a covering on it within the next year, but have a lot of ongoing projects so it's difficult to predict when the dome will get completed.