Thursday, October 4, 2007

I was very fortunate to find a rideshare partner out to Terlingua ( who'd have thunk ? ). Cynthia is spending two weeks out in the Big Bend area to visit friends before she heads down to Mexico. Splitting expenses from Central Texas, we each only spent $25 in gas. We found that we have some friends in common, though she is friends with Lucinda Williams and I only wish I was. Ridesharing out here is a huge help, being that distances are far in this remote region. There is no area Craigslist ( where I've had the most success with rideshares ), but there is a Big Bend Bulletin Board where rides ( and other things ) can be posted. The pictures in this post were taken by Cynthia. Click on them for larger photos. Cynthia also has a blog, where you can find out about the papercrete studio she built in San Marcos, among other things.

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