Thursday, October 11, 2007

new structure

Don has a new idea for a building, which he wants to start on right away. This will be a cylindrical building with straight, not sloped, walls. The diameter will be 24 feet ( on the inside ), making the square footage 452 feet. Since the walls will be two feet thick adobe, the diameter from the outside will be 28 feet. We'll come back to the dome, but right now we'll be working on this new project. The past couple of days, we have been digging the foundation ditch, about two feet thick and a foot deep. I proposed making an arm out of C-bars and pitched the idea to Don. He said "what doesn't work is doing nothing", so we did it. The arm is a lo-fi version of one that Don has made for a giant 45 foot diameter structure that he has planned. The arm helps us keep consistent with our circumference. Don questioned whether or not we even need to dig a foundation, being that the ground is very rocky and thus very stout. He looked at the mountains and said, "Look, the mountains sit on the dirt just fine. We'll be putting into the foundation the same stuff we are taking out". We decided to go ahead and finish the foundation, since we had already started it. Don sits and breaks up the soil with his pick axe, and then I shovel the dirt away. Don said "sitting is the best way to work. You don't get tired and backached". Yesterday, while Don was taking a siesta, I sorted our excavation into three piles...Big rocks, gravel, and adobe dirt. I used a lathe screen as a filter, which made it easy. We'll be using the Rock, gravel, and adobe in the structure later on. I made a fourth pile of fossils and gem stones that I found during the sorting. Don mentioned that you can pay someone with a tractor to dig the foundation in a few hours, but they "always get it wrong." We also would be missing out on the free workout and jewels.


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AVSA said...

Hi Trevor,
Check out my website and ask Don about it please, he knows math, I will email you a free membership to the plans, so Don can see what he has led me into LOL... octagon strawbale with 30' dome on top... water catchment, cistern, hydroponics, green dome and composting toilet, plus more...
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