Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Bend Getaway

Lost Mine Trail overlooking Mexico
The last few days I've taken a much needed break from routine and spent some time in our National Park. No gigs, no booking, no building, no dishes or laundry, just convening with one of the greatest national parks in the country. There is a rumor that Big Bend National Park could shut down this weekend indefinitely along with all the other national parks in the country because Congress members are using public programs and workers as pawns in their game of chess. 

Rio Grand Village Swamp

The 3rd Green Scene last weekend was a success. There were demonstrations on cob building, earthship construction, and rainwater harvesting. Don Bryant and I gave a demonstration on building with ferrocement. And the live music was all powered by the sun, which we did not have a shortage of that day.  All proceeds went to benefit Terlingua's community garden and recycling department. 


frann said...

The Rio Grand Village Swamp used to have a wonderful boardwalk that went through it but it washed away a few years ago. Have they rebuilt it? I was at Green Scene and got some good pictures of Don Bryant he was so focused on his project. I would like to figure out how to make a ferro cement water tank..

trevor.reichman said...

Yes, it has been rebuilt. They have done a nice job. Don can get very focused when he is working on his projects.

Daniel said...


I am looking forward to making it to Big Bend and meeting with yourself - it will certainly make a nice change from London Town, England !
The only place in the UK for off-grid living is beautiful Scotland but the winter's here are just too harsh !

All the best for now, Danny

trevor.reichman said...

I guess until then, you have Big BEN ;)