Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Week of Winter

This supercooled bottle of water was just waiting for a disturbance to change properties from water to ice in seconds. This happened to me last week and took me by surprise. The next day when I found my water bottle in liquid form again while it was 15 degrees outside, I grabbed my video camera and hoped it would give a repeat performance. It did!

Other winter images...

a desert snow dusting
Indoor vs. outdoor temp. It is nice to have heat and insulation. It actually got down to 1.9 degrees, the lowest I've ever seen here.  

This husky followed me for two miles back to my home during my jog. I didn't have anything to feed her other than cereal. Unfortunately, I found her owner.

This couple from the Ukraine (via Brooklyn) also followed me home and stayed at Earth Language for two nights. I taught  Alexa and Ella how to play Klabberjass, and old yiddish card game, which it turns out was a very popular game in their hometown, Kharkiv. 


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, want to build a dome. Thanks, Darren

trevor.reichman said...

Thanks. You can come and help me finish this one!