Friday, January 7, 2011

Slinging Mud with Emilie, Jason, and Dinozard

Emilie Clepper fashions a prehistoric lizard sculpture, which we named Dinozard

The Big Bend area  has been fortunate for a visit from good friend and incomparable songwriter and performer, Emilie Clepper, from Quebec, as she used the space and silence in the desert for inspirations and to finalize her forthcoming album. We found that our voices are a good match for harmonizing on each others' songs and we performed at a wedding together on New Years Day in the Ghost Town. We learned an Iron & Wine cover of Such Great Heights as well as a song from the Once soundtrack, at the request of the wedding party.  I spent the last couple of days hanging out with Emilie and mutual friend Jason Greeley (Big Bend Park trail crew). I took them on the tour of Domeland, Don Bryant's museum of experimental architecture in the desert and they also helped me sling some stucco onto the dome at my place.
Jason lends a hand, literally, as he demonstrates his trowelessness. 
Jason is the first person I've ever seen to use his bare hands to stucco cement. I told him that he is meant to be a cob builder (hand sculpted adobe) and I'm sure he will be.
As usual, the day ended with a stunning sunset

And less usual, a drink of fine whiskey sent as a gift from Xilia Faye!

Dinozard will probably outlast us all

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Nick Cooper said...

Hazach Hazach, on your endeavor.

being seeing you out there some day. bezrat hashem.