Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where Water Falls from the Sky

I came back home from the Kerrville Folk Festival to a full tank of pure rain water. I didn't have to haul 8 pound per gallon canisters from the water plant at 10 cents a gallon. Nor did I have to pay any municipality to pipe it to me. IT LITERALLY JUST FELL FROM THE SKY!

Now, if oil fell from the sky, which could very well happen here during the hurricane season, you'd catch it right?

Just sayin'.


Rusty said...

Hey Trevor, just thought I would check in. I look at John Wells blog along with Casey and Saras. I'll probly see you sometime this year. Rusty

I said...

Nice photo, I was there when the sky fell for a week in July.

Wayne said...

I just spent the evening reading your blog from start to finish. Very nice job of reporting the area. I have been looking into purchasing some land at Terlingua Ranch but this is the first blog that explained the everyday life there and the people in the area. Outstanding job. We are also looking to either put in dome or use earthbag construction. We are also looking to put in an observatory on grds once we setup. Hope to meet you in the coming year of late 2011.

trevor.reichman said...

Thanks, Wayne. I haven't been very active on this blog lately but I am hoping to do some more reporting soon. There are now many blogs about the area compared to when I first started and they get most of the attention.

Rusty, hope to see ya soon!