Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ruby Road Sign, Snow in Terlingua

My nearest neighbors, Ben and Vanessa delighted me when they brought their hand made Ruby Road sign to Terlingua and installed it at our intersection. They are the only other residents, part time or not, on Ruby Road. I named the street after my grandmother, and coincidentally, Ruby is also the name of Vanessa's car, as well as my red Volvo.
Ben and Vanessa, who live most of the time in Fredericksburg, have a great house in progress very close to my place. I got lucky.

Friends from Austin, The Lonesome Heroes, came by Earth Language for dinner on their way out of town after rockin the Starlight Theater. We talked about the status of the music industry, outdated concepts, and new opportunities in the modern musical landscape.

And then it snowed....

This is the most snow I have seen out here. I had a temporary igloo.
I went by Don's place, and he had one too.
Ruby was covered....
The snow melted by afternoon, as I was headed to Mexico to visit my friends Abe and Josie, which will be the subject of the next post.


Ginger said...

Nice! The road sign is great. I can't wait to read about Abe and Josie. I've never met them but have read everything I can find by and about them. Fascinating.

Mr_Brown said...


Recently I've been getting caught up on your blog ... good stuff. I'm fascinated by some of the buildings in the Terlingua area. I really didn't know much about domes until I started reading your blog. I wonder if "Don the Dome Builder" has a blog of his own as well where is chronicles his dome building?

trevor.reichman said...

Mr. Brown,

Don is in his 80s and doesn't much have experience with the internet. This blog here is the only documentation of his work, though there are a couple of people interested in doing a documentary about him.

Thanks for writing.

Mr_Brown said...


Thanks for the update. I thought I read in your blog that Don had a blog as well. He certainly seems like a wealth of information. Thanks for documenting what you have so far. The domes are pretty cool.

Alan Reichman said...

With the snow on your Dome it looks like an igloo! Very pretty and suitable for Polar conditions. Ha Ha.