Thursday, January 22, 2009

Links to articles on TreeHugger

Here are some links to some articles I have written recently on

1) Warning! Riding a Bicycle Can Have the Following Side Effects: This one was picked up by a good handful of other online publications, and even translated into Portuguese.

2) Quitting Coffee is One of the Easiest Ways to Help The Planet and Yourself : This article's suggestion hit an unintentional nerve, resulting in about 40 mostly angry replies by caffeine addicted environmentalists such as myself. There was even a counter article written on . I still retain my opinion and also still drink coffee, but I am trying to quit.


Vitor said...

Great article indeed, thank you for it! But I must say that it was translated into Portuguese, not Spanish.

trevor.reichman said...

thanks for pointing that out vitor. i fixed it.