Monday, November 10, 2008

RailRoad Folk Tour

I am now back in Terlingua, back from the month long RailRoad Folk tour with my friend and songwriter, Elam Blackman. While I have been a songwriter for awhile, I would consider this my first national tour. The economics and logistics of touring independently never seemed appealing to me before the idea of doing it by train. Well, it worked! We performed in Central Texas, Far West Texas, Yucca Valley, Santa Monica, SF and the Bay area, Portland Oregon, Bellingham Washington, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Chicago, and New Orleans. I could write pages and pages about it, but instead, here are way too many photos.


Kerstin said...

Hello my friend. I was thinking about you last night and found myself in your little corner of the web. Seems quite appropriate that you have been following in the footsteps of Lead Belly, Woodie Guthrie & Dylan to travel the landscape by train, making up the music as you go along.

I really love the 3 songs you've posted on your site. They bring me calmness in a city being powered by too many gidgats and gagets, an endless stream of clamor and racket. Thank you...

I've had several encounters with characters as of late, that I believe were put in my path to move me along on this ER project.
I believe I finally found the master of his recordings!!! Just waiting to hear back the studio...Will keep you posted.

Any visits planned to the ATX anytime soon? I've got a trip planned to Big Bend again for New Year's. Will you be around? Would love to see you and catch up...

Oh, I've also been listening to these old Dylan/Cash 1969 session recordings. Thought you would enjoy:
Bob Dylan/Johnny Cash Sessions


trevor.reichman said...

Really? You found the ER masters?!! That's great. I'd love to help out in any way. I also have the 4-track recordings in storage.

I'll be in the austin area in January. Let's get some Kim Phung, OK?

Thanks for writing, Kersint.