Friday, April 4, 2008

greetings from new york city

I'm in NYC visiting my sister. Some say that New York City is the greenest city in America. For example, only 20% of the population here own cars...the rest use public transportation. This is a polar contrast to any other city in America. Much of NYC has curbside composting and residents risk being fined if a recyclable item is found in their trash. Extreme dense living lends itself to less resources used per person. Still, one month's rent in NYC costs more than buying 5 acres of land in Terlingua, TX. OUCH !


Anonymous said...


Wish I could have made it out there with Sam. Though I could't visit, I can not tell you how much admiration I have for what you are doing and building out there. I have really enjoyed your thoughtful blogs and commentary.

Jeffrey R. Cagle

trevor.reichman said...

There is still time. It is not going anywhere.

Nice to hear from you, Jeff. Thanks for writing.