Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Great Wall of Texico

A small group of us went to the Paisano hotel in Marfa today to protest the proposed wall between Texas and Mexico. Our government has contracted a private company to build a prison-like wall between Texas and Mexico. They claimed that the meeting today was to garner public feedback, however, the decision has already been made to build the wall and so this meeting was really a huge waste of time for the people who attended, as well as a waste of gas for those who drove many many miles. Throughout the meeting, there were a number of intelligent and specific questions asked , but none of the questions were answered directly and all questions were given the same response : “ We appreciate your feedback, Please submit it in the comment box.”

Being that the Rio Grande is the only consistent watering hole for wildlife for hundreds of miles, where will the wildlife get there water with a big wall blocking that river ? That is just one of many important issues that they couldn't answer. The only hope we have is that we can delay the wall until the next administration in hopes that the next administration will not be in favor of a symbol of segregation.

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remington said...

Hey Trevor!

You have a picture of Molly, Hope's friend I was going to introduce you to. She's holding the banner. I hope you guys met.

Thank you for this blog, I love reading it and looking at your pictures.