Thursday, April 19, 2007

First couple of days in Terlingua

Yesterday, I met Don, the 80 year old geodesic dome builder. He has been perfecting his technique for most of his life. I have the option to stay on Don's ( the dome builder ) land, as he has many usable structures and also has electicity and well water. After that, we may start work on a dome structure for my land. I'm looking into a satellite phone to use temporarily while I wait for the phone company to install a land line ( which could take up to 90 days ). I visited Abe and Josie, the couple with the off grid adobe house, and stayed there the first night. Josie cooked delicious omellettes with the eggs from their chickens. They talked for hours about off grid living and filled me in on who is who and who can do what in the area. They have started a new experiment producing their own ethanol. It's a simple formula using molasses, which could produce a gallon for a little over a dollar. It takes 5 days to brew, and the technique is very similar to brewing beer. If your car doesn't already accept ethanol, it would have to be retrofitted to accept the fuel.

The good thing about gasoline being $3 a gallon is that it takes less time to put $10 in your tank.

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